Dr. Alex F. Lehár  - successor in rights of composer  Franz Lehár 
Dr. Eduard Strauß - great-grandson of composer Eduard Strauß
Successor in rights of composer Robert Stolz
Ingrid Kreuder - widow of composer  Peter Kreuder
Helga Benatzky - successor in rights of composer  Ralph Benatzky
Roman Dostal - son of composer  Nico Dostal
Margot Lincke-Madersbacher - successor in rights of composer  Paul Lincke
Melodie Hollaender - successor in rights of composers  Victor und Friedrich Hollaender
Eva-Maria Raymond - widow of composer  Fred Raymond
Gerd Natschinski - composer
Karl Hornung - successor in rights of composer  Friedrich Schröder
Peter Deutscher - successor in rights of composer  Theo Mackeben
Dieter Lindner - successor in rights of composer  Walter Bromme
Renate Holm - soprano
Dr. Stefan Frey -music scientist and author

Richard Birnbach - publisher of musical stage art


Upon the commendation of:

Dramatic Union

Deutscher Musikrat -

With further persons at present contact is taken up. This circle will consist of the most diverse cultural, social and political ranges from Europe.