Advancement of young artists with operetta specific stage subjects:

Soprano/Soubrette - with play and dance Soprano lyric/"diva" of operetta Mezzo-Soprano/Chanson "old funny person" Tenor/Buffo with play and dance Tenor lyrically Bariton/chanson Bass/play bass - all with role study/acting, dancing

The training begins after conclusion of the normal training in the college of music or privately. The training understands itself as addition of operas-, actors-, and musical-conclusion. 

As teachers and professors are competent and well-known specialists enlisted, which were confirmed during the period of a stage career or in category-specific occupations successfully in this range.

Advancement of young conductors

Advancement of young composers, authors, and stage directors:
With young composers and authors certain topics are compiled to the selection, from which smaller and larger stage works are created. These can be produced then for special performances and be presented to the professional world, press and audience.

For the conclusion of each instruction course the scholarship holder´s possibilities are ordered to participate in certain productions of operetta, which arrive in professsional theatres at the performance. Thus, it is ensured that such productions result in a mixed ensemble, which gives the possibility to the new generation to be integrated easily into stage practice from well-known professionals and young rising artists.

Exchange and co-operation with theatres and organizers:

The artists advanced and trained in the foundation are presented by purposeful actions as invitations of various theatrical directors, tour organizers etc. and it is them thereby more easy to do the first step into the professional world.

Cooperation and exchange with various European cities

The scientific processing of the operetta should be a special request of the foundation.

It aimed by establishment of contact and discussion exchange with universities, art-loving universities, archives etc. conceptional project ideas and orders into the respective operational sequence to be integrated, which have the goal of placing the unsatisfactory appreciation of the in particular German-language music category operetta on it which is entitled the scientifically recognized level.

Promotion and media contacts