a project of the E.F.O.


It is indisputable that the real presentation of the genre operetta needs an imaginative, intelligent and tasteful equipment. Nevertheless, this is not to represent in the absence of operetta theatres or to sufficient budgets without state cultural support almost any more. Therefore, in the following described representation in a scenic concerto form of the works makes in favour of the preservation of the same from the need the necessary virtue. Is it not more interesting and more full of pleasure to move itself optically into an operetta world by means of his own optics resulted in the imagination instead of letting hinder by tasteless and kitschy, cheap decorations in own imagination? - It would be marked in this connection that the concept used here "cheap" nothing with lack of money close has, as a good and tasteful operetta decoration. - Equipment must be not necessarily expensive what assumes, however, the suitable artistic and technical knowhow. Today, unfortunately, we must also take note of the lack of these qualities - not only with the operetta -.

We are in the concert hall. The orchestra becomes the centre of the event. It takes the place being due to him on the stage. The musical treatment approaches so far as possible the original of the composer. About the years traditional musical lines are opened as far as possible by which musically high-quality compositions are brought to the listener not seldom for the first time successfully to hearing. The play action takes place round the orchestra at the levels which the concert hall gives. Only a few, specific used equipments gets going the imagination of the expectator. They thereby let arise in the head of the viewer by far costlier, more individual and maybe also more logical staging. Of the today´s perception are adapted the dialogues and action expiries of the respective operetta. It is recognised to the work faithful lengths, is removed and reformulated and the biggest value is placed of it, joke and feeling to receive according to the genre and on the right place.

The star is not the artist, but the operetta! The occupation of the singers and actors is directed not after famous name more or less, but after the necessary artistic quality. Special value is placed to mix the respective ensemble in such a way that so-called professionals, i.e. the artists who have played the respective roles already in other houses and have young, just "ready" student of music and theatrical student meet. Thereby exists for young artists the possibility to orientate itself by the older ones and to learn.

To the information would be pointed out for the end still to the fact that this concept was already carried out of in the years of 80th to 90th with 12 operetta works in the philharmonic concert hall Cologne with the biggest success with press and audience. In the same form the operettas "Bettelstudent" and "Csárdásfürstin" were presented in 2001 in the Nikolaisaal Potsdam with repetition in the Kleistsaal Frankfurt-Oder guidance or extremely successfully to the performance.

By the not more available operetta theatres "Metropol" and "Theatre des Westens" in Berlin the city has no more operetta stage. Still, nevertheless, there is a very big operetta audience in Old and Young which fills the halls of the most different concerts in the genre. To receive a stage culture popular now more than 150 years and particularly  t h e  Berlin operetta culture, the draught described here is to be seen as a grap in the market in the cultural offer of the town. Also particularly for the Berlin tourism it is a special and sounding identification in the visit of the city of Berlin. Just the Berlin operetta with her countless melodies and texts has stamped the town nationwide and internationally. All these Evergreens come from stage works which had reached in Berlin to the premiere and went from Berlin to the world.

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a project of the E.F.O.
G A L A - S O I R E E  OF  O P E R E T T A


It is unfortunately a fact that in Germany - and even far beyond - there are nearly no more theatres, which dedicate themselves to the operetta. That means that talented and in this subject interested artists have nearly no possibilities for the development of a career, which would be to be aimed internationally. Young artists can gain their practical experiences after the opera or the musical training at the university for music (training in the subject operetta is missing) at a so called multi-section theatre in the smaller and middle-seized cities, by getting to know the sections opera, operetta and musical. As soon as a young artist in the subject operetta feels well and made himself also in his theatre a name, he should actually get the possibility of extending these experiences at larger houses and afterwards internationally. Exactly that is not possible, however because of too few appropriate theatres in the large cities and also internationally. This is the reason why young as well as also experienced artists must suffer a shade existence in the "province", without the chance to present themselves in the footlights of a supra-regional or international audience and therefore also the media.

Concerning the works of the unreasonably forgotten stage works of operetta is it unfortunately like that, that due to the for decades reduced possibilities formerly liked and successful stage works of operetta disappeared from the standard repertoire.

It will be an evening whose musical program is carried out with a large orchestra, conductor, presenter and approx. 4 soloists. In order to organize an elegant and classic evening, a gala dinner will be offered at a renowned place in Berlin - the Europe wide central operetta location - sponsored by a catering trade company of highest quality level. Personalities out of the areas of culture, politics and economics will be invited.

The organization for a "Gala Soiree of the Operetta" has already started. This will be an event, which shall take place one time per year at first in winter 2011.

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a project of the E.F.O.

The E.F.O. established an event, which is organized in the form of an extended "round table" with or without musical presentations, discussions and information exchange over operetta as well as over politico-cultural topics of the music theatre and with its connected projects informatively and maintaining.

The first operetta-Tritsch-Tratsch-Etcetera of the E.F.O. took place on October 25, 2005 in Dresden.

The date and place of next meeting in Berlin will be communicated in time.

The realization of this project, the E.F.O. is dependent on financial support, since each Operetta-Tritsch-Tratsch-Etcetera will offer a program, which will be not always purely honorary to expect from personnel occupation. Donations, which are received for this project are used accordingly! Please find a print formula to send us under